Chocolate: friend or foe for health & slimming?

Published : 2017-04-05 16:34:34
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Who says Easter says chocolate!

Easter bells are already on the way to satisfy our gluttony and to please our taste buds. After all, why should chocolate egg hunt be reserved for children?

So, it’s decided, we take advantage of it and succumb to the temptation, and we will take care of our beach body later!

Chocolate is life. Okay, we exaggerate (just a little), but many of us have a passion for chocolate without really knowing it ... We show you?

eating chocolate

Chocolate, our guilty pleasure

We love it for its variety but also for its classics: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate… With a texture both melting and crunchy…

Subtle and varied flavors according to the origin of the cocoa (Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Madagascar, etc…)

From the most bitter to the sweetest, through associations of gourmet and amazing flavors, everyone will find chocolate at his palate!


Chocolate, a friend who wants us well

Stop everything! We reveal you an info or rather THE info to stop to blame: dark chocolate (less fat and less sweet than white and milk chocolate) has benefits on our health, who would ever have believed it? 

Consumed regularly and in moderation, dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates our brain and prevents cellular aging thanks to the flavonoids and minerals it contains.

But that’s not all! Dark chocolate also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and its magnesium content gives a boost to our body: more energy and less stress, with a feelgood effect !


How to choose your chocolate?

Two options are available to you.

There are objective criteria: a smooth, shiny and firm chocolate that breaks easily is a sign of good quality. Prefer chocolate made from pure cocoa butter without the addition of vegetable fats.

And then, there are the subjective criteria: the "huuuuuuum" at the testing still remains the best appreciation to choose your chocolate. From sight to smell through hearing, touch and obviously taste, let yourself be guided by your awakened senses!

mountain of chocolate


Chocolate and calories

This is the dreaded part…

Let’s start with the composition of the chocolate. The main ingredients of chocolate are paste and cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder that is used in milk chocolate.

The cocoa content varies from one product to another but whatever it is, its caloric intake is between 500 and 550 calories per 100 grams because cocoa is a fat ingredient: the more there is cocoa, the more the chocolate is fat, the less there is cocoa the more the chocolate is sweet.

Result? We don’t say no for this little pleasure but we just take 1 square of dark chocolate per day!


I have abuse of Easter Chocolates, tricks for losing weight fast?

Well, if you didn’t know how to resist (and we understand you), keep your eyes there because we will start a new articles series “Hello Beach Body” on our blog!

For those in a hurry: Devalife slimming capsules 100% natural will permit you to limit the storage, eliminate and lose weight easily.

Last trick: we are appeasing our consciences by sipping a detox tea after savoring his chocolate!


With all those, we would take a small square of chocolate, what about you?


Cosmetically yours,

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